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Wie offer various seasonable options for our dinner menu. You can order up to one day in advance so you don't have to worry about it on the day itself

Dinner arrangements: hot meal (€ 35.00 p.p.) served in the dining room, a choice of: various freshly made soups, bowls and pastas combinations possible. You can pre-order for the whole group. See the options below.


- Oriental pumpkin soup (V)*

- Spinach pancakes with soft goat cheese and oven baked tomatoes  (V)

- Flamkuchen with bacon and union or with figs and goat cheese (V)

- Home made vegetable tart  (V)


- Bowl with lentils and quinoa, sweet potato, feta, cucumber and hummus (V)

- Pasta with sausage, peas, mushroom and cream sauce 

- Classic minced meat lasagne with vegetables  

-  Chili sin carne

- Norwegian fish soup*

- Chickpea soupV)*

- Lentil soup (V)*

* Served with bread.


- Hommade macadamia caramel cheesecake

- Homemade oreo cheesecake 

 The package prices mentioned above are all excluding 9% VAT

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