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Are you looking for a unique location for your meetings, presentations or workshops? We provide different business packages. However, feel free to contact us dor customized/tailor made packages to meet any specific needs. 

What we offer:

The living/dining room is suitable for meetings, trainings and workshops for 6 to 8 people. Weather permitting, the large garden offers enough space for a coffee break or a lunch on the terrace, with lots of lovely nooks to work or relax in. 

Facilities in the living/dining room are a large table with comfortable chairs at your disposal, as well as a whiteboard and flipchart. There is enough space to stretch you legs during a coffee break or sit elsewhere, both inside and outside.

Daypart                                                      Time *                                                    Price**

Early bird session                                      06:00 till 08:00                              € 195,-

The whole morning                                   06:00 till  12:00                               € 275,-

The afternoon                                             13:00 till  17:00                                € 275,-

The evening                                                 18:00 till 22:00                               € 275,-

The morning and afternoon                    08:00 till  17:00                                € 445,-

The afternoon and evening                      13:00 till  22:00                               € 445,-

The whole day                                           08:00 till  22:00                               € 595,-

* Any changes in time can be discussed.

** The prices do not include coffee, tea etc. see options below.

Prices include: 

Free parking.

Whiteboard and/or flip-over with markers.

Notebooks with pens.


All prices are excluding 21% VAT

Good to know:

When renting the property for more days in a row, we can offer you a discount of 10%. 

For any questions or reservations please contact:

What we offer besides the workspace: 

 From a luxurious continental breakfast to start the day to a business and coffee package with coffee, tea, water, biscuits, sweets and fruit. We offer various seasonable options: fresh fruit in spring en summer, warming soups in autumn and winter and various snacks for in between or on the go.


If you wish to stay with us for a homemade dinner, just ask for the menu! You can order it up to one day in advance so you don't have to worry about it on the day itself.

Continental Breakfast
Business en ontbijt 

Enjoy a continental breakfast while you work.  

Click here for more info.

Meat and Cheese
Business en hapjes

Enjoy drinks and bites while you work. 

Click here for more info.

Business en diner

Enjoy a homemade dinner of choice while you work. 

 Click here for more  info.

Laptop & Coffee
Business en koffie

Enjoy freshly ground coffee or tea while you work.

  Click here for more info. .

Healthy Sandwich
Business en lunch

Enjoy a freshly made lunch of choice while you work. 

Click here  for more info.

Business locatie

Only looking for a work location?

See above for more info.

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